The Scruffy Soul Open Mic

This is a monthly open mic held at Windsor Baptist Church, Victoria Street, Windsor.

Yep – there are loads of open mics around, so what makes the Scruffy Soul Open Mic different? Firstly, the venue. The acoustics in the church are superb for performers. We have a PA system in, and can also make basic recordings of performances if people ask.

Secondly, we encourage original material. There are plenty of places to go and play covers! However, original material needs a venue and an audience and that is our passion – to hear our performers own songs and poems, and to give them a stage. As the acoustics are good, and the audience is there to hear the music and words it is very different from playing in a pub or noisy venue. In many ways, the more subtle the performance the better it works acoustically.. and the performers are not competing against a noisy bar – of live football being show on a tv!

For the songwriter and the poet their skill is probably the most spiritually connected experience that they know. It is a chance to be really true and honest, a chance to say things that in a way that is meaningful – and their music and words give a chance to express their thoughts that they may never otherwise share. For the writers, this is a place for real connection, which is why we are so pleased to include the open mic as part of Scruffy Soul – it is part of a true spiritual journey for people, who feel more truly themselves doing this than at any other time.  We find like-minded people, make friendships and get chances to make great music together.

It is a great place to play, and we would love to see you there – whether you are there to play or to be part of an appreciative audience!


above – the local Rev doing his thing… below, well known local musician Mark Handley, one of our planning team.



above, Hector Gilchrist… wonderful folk singer…



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