Stewart Henderson

Poet Stewart Henderson visited Windsor in 2013.

We had a brilliant evening with Stewart on September 14th as he read poems, told stories and inspired the audience – it was a great night and we hope that we not only introduced people to the idea of a poetry evening but maybe to be creative themselves!

The following Wednesday Stewart led a workshop for poets and lyricists – it was really inspiring and helpful.

We hope to invite Stewart again next year!

What did people think?

“What an amazing evening! I would never have thought that going to an evening of poetry would be my sort of thing. I always thought that it sounded a bit highbrow or posh – but Stewart, with his words and stories brought the images to life. I loved every moment of the evening and would love to come to something like this again! Thank you… please get him back!” 

“I attended the writers workshop with Stewart Henderson. I have written for a long time, but it was so insightful. I have never thought of writing in that way. It has helped me to focus my writing, to find the key lines and the key ideas and to build my work on those. I would never have approached writing like this on my own, but to spend an evening with a master craftsman has really inspired me to write more… now… where is that pen!? Thanks guys for putting this on, and please pass my appreciation on to Mr Henderson” 



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